Vasant Kunj Healthy Temptation Contest

Cooking food in different styles is one of the best activities performed in every house in India. So, if you are also the master chef of your own kitchen, read this article until you find something exciting for you.

About the Vasant Kunj Healthy Temptation Contest      

Hey Foodies, at Vasant Kunj hope you are all doing well in your life as well as in your kitchen. We at Vasant Kunj celebrate everything be it a festival, any special day, or a drive so why not show our talent in cooking something healthy. This independence day along with celebrating our freedom let us join hands and celebrate our freedom from unhealthy and junk food to live a healthy and glowing life. We all are aware of boosting our immunity to be prepared to fight the COVID and a healthy diet is necessary for boosting our immunity. Juices which include Vitamin-C, Zinc, and other nutrients are playing a crucial role in the same.

The VK Info is organizing an online Vasant Kunj Healthy Temptation contest and you have to share a small video of you preparing the healthy snacks or juice. For more details please read the rules of the contest carefully.

Details of Contest:

  1. Registration begins: 1st August 2021 at
  2. Mode of the Contest: Online
  3. Age limit: No age limit
  4. The time limit of video: up to 2 minutes in landscape mode.
  5. Last date to send your entry: 8th August 2021
  6. Where to send video: Whatsapp us on 9311014558
  7. Voting:10th August 2021 to 13th August 2021
  8. Results: 14th August 2021
  9. Only for residents of Vasant Kunj


Rules of the contest:

  • The time limit of the video is two minutes. You have to share your video in landscape mode.
  • You can either prepare snacks or your favorite healthy juice.
  • There is no age limit for participating in the contest. Anyone can share the video of making healthy snacks.
  • The video should contain the initial stage and the final product.
  • The contestants are required to show the ingredients used and the health benefits of the product.
  • The sorted videos will be updated at the site of The VK Info for voting. Those videos which will get more votes will be declared as winners and the winning videos will be showcased on the blog our site and our YouTube channel as well.
  • Do not showcase any readymade product.
  • Only residents of Vasant Kunj are eligible for participation in the contest.

Purpose of the contest:

The VK Info is organizing this contest to promote healthy food habits because in today’s life we all are that much busy that we try to cook something which can be easily prepared without thinking about its health effects or any other kind of problem created by this kind of food.

Today’s generation is fond of having junk food like pizza, burgers, or anything which is prepared in hotels or restaurants ignoring food prepared at home. So we can attract them with the tasty and healthy food prepared at home, which affects their health. To participate in the contest, show your talent and attract your child with tasty food, and then only we will be able to celebrate our freedom from this tasty but unhealthy food giving us obesity and several other problems.

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