Have you always wanted to bicycle but didn’t know how or where? Come join Vasant Kunj Cycling Club.

“There’s a first time for everything”. Come join us and  Vasant Kunj Cycling Club (VKCC) will help you ride a bicycle and fulfil your dream of crunching the miles on a bicycle, all towards the noble efforts of making health a priority for everyone, protecting the environment and reclaiming the roads and making it safe for all.

After the formation of Vasant Kunj Cycling Club (VKCC), a WhatsApp group was formed immediately and a lot of people showed tremendous enthusiasm to be part of such a community. And thus, it all began!

Pic Credit – Richard, Alka Joon, Praveen Rao, Pooja Singh

On Sunday, the 13th of March 2022, the first bicycle ride of VKCC was organised from Vasant Vatika through JNU, Sanjay Van, and back to Vasant Vatika, a total distance of 12Km. Mr Neeraj Trehan and Mr Praveen Rao planned and mapped the ride to be safe and convenient for everyone. This ritual has thereafter been followed by them for every ride. A collective decision was taken to gather at Vasant Vatika in the morning which is now a start off and finishing point for every ride. 

On 13th March 2022, 11 members turned up in the morning for the first ride itself, including riders ranging in age from 8 years old to 50+, both women/girls and men/boys. A thorough thought was given to the various hurdles that lay ahead. The major challenge was traffic, heat, presence of amateur riders in the group as well as riders from various age groups and many more. 

It was decided that rides would be conducted every Saturday and Sunday, early in the morning to beat the heat & traffic and have greater participation and availability of bicyclists. Bicyclists were instructed on wearing helmets, protectors and a support car was riding all the way to handle any emergency and in case someone felt uncomfortable while riding. That day heralded the beginning of VKCC and since then, the group has completed more than 25 rides. Regular riders form a large part of this community and some members keep coming off and on for the rides.

Joining Cycling Club is a great way to improve your cycling skills, enjoying bicycling and being healthy. As a part of this club, you feel that you are a part of one big family. Everyone looks out for one other, ushering in the security of riding together, supporting each other through traffic, bicycle punctures enroute or other smaller and bigger challenges which actually make the rides even more interesting. 

All riders of this group ensure that everyone starts and finishes together, ensuring no one is left high and dry or too far behind or lost. Vasant Kunj Cycling Club rides are all about meeting fantastic people, getting out under the open sky, clearing your minds, challenging oneself and of course just having loads of fun along the way and working off all that effort with rewarding, mouth-watering chai and parathas at Vasant Vatika Tapri at the end of the ride.

Saturday and Sunday mornings are eagerly awaited now for riding with VKCC and this community has enriched our lives and brought our dreams to fruition. 

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Richard Hughe
12/07/2022 at 2:23 PM

Well captured the spirit of this group.. It’s an awesome experience riding and spending time with the group.. we all look forward to weekend mornings now. 👍🏻🚴‍♂️

13/07/2022 at 9:55 AM

Very articulate. I think it encapsulates the journey of each one of us with this club.
I hope others too benefit from reading about this and joining VKCC to know the joy that weekend mornings now brings in for us.

p shalini
13/07/2022 at 10:13 AM

Yes! Proud to be a part of this group!
Could find the most passionate members volunteering.
Awesome rides, New lesson learnt every time.
The pictures speak out the genuine level of happiness we end up on a ride!
Hats off to the admins for planning the rides and well executing building confidence in my young ones to always join the group ride.
Awaiting for the week to end💐

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