COVID-19 Vaccination Camp at Vasant Kunj C-8

It is not for the first time that pandemic hit the world; if you have a look at pages of history you find a lot of such endemic or pandemics which hit over years. But in ancient times the major problem which leads to loss of huge population was development in medical facilities and technology.

During this pandemic also such problems were faced but all thanks to doctors and medical services that in a very short of time medicines and even vaccines against the virus is prepared by doctors or scientists who worked actively eve during lockdown. With availability of vaccine, Government of India has come with Covid vaccination drive and is targeting to vaccinate each and every citizen of the country before the emergence of third wave of coronavirus.

Successful vaccination camp at Vasant Kunj C-8

Vasant Kunj C-8

As per the rules of Government, there are only few vaccination centers and that too for specific categories. It leads to a lot of crowd and hustle at the centers which resist some people from visiting the vaccination centers as they don’t want to come in contact with other people. So RWAs and other NGOs have started vaccination drives in local areas in order to vaccinate more and more people.

One such step was taken by Ms. Bindu (President RWA, C-8) at Sector-C, Pocket-8, Vasant Kunj, Delhi. A successful vaccination drive was held for residents of Vasant Kunj at Sector-C, Pocket – 8, in which residents of different Sector – C, Pocket – 9 & 6 and Sector – D, Pocket- 6 also got vaccinated. Earlier two weeks ago, Ms. Sneh lata Rathi (President, RWA, D-6) sector-D, block -6, Santushti Apartments also held the Vaccination Camp for residents.

On Sunday 6th June, 2021  181 people were vaccinated by Madhukar Rainbow Children Hospital at Vasant Kunj C-8. It depicts that people are eagerly waiting for their turn to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Details of Vaccination drive:

Date – 06-06-2021

Beneficiaries – 18+ Years (age)

Avenue – Community Centre Sector-C, block- 8, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

Vaccine administered – Covisheild

Vaccines administered by – Madhukar Rainbow Children Hospital, Malviya nagar, Delhi

No. of beneficiaries – 181 residents

 From feedback collected we come to know that residents want that this vaccination drive should not be restricted only to these sectors or blocks but it should be carried in entire Vasant Kunj in coming weeks so as to help each and every resident to get vaccinated.

COVID guidelines strictly followed at Vaccination Camp

As per the requirement of time and the advisory by Government of India and WHO, the drive was successfully completed following the COVID guidelines. There was a proper management of time and crowd in such a way that there was no crowding at camp. Residents were provided time slots so that they do not have to wait or queue up at the camp and also they were advised to maintain social distancing and wear masks properly. While waiting for their turn, residents were shown videos giving proper instructions on how to follow COVID guidelines. Residents also helped in making drive successful by following the guidelines.

Such a great effort made by Ms. Bindu (President RWA), which brought happiness on faces of residents and also a hope to other RWAs that, they will get vaccination soon if such kind of efforts are made by the societies. In future we hope for such more successful drives in Vasant Kunj helping the mankind and also on other hand serving the nation.

An Initiative at Vasant Kunj to fight against Covid-19

 RWAs initiative for Covid 19 Vaccination drive



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