The Green Initiative – “Say No to Single-Use Plastics” drive held in C-6, Vasant Vatika, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi on July 10, 2021.

A pleasant morning with bright sun in the sky of Vasant Kunj on 10th July 2021 at around 7:30 am started with an act of good cause for nature and mother earth. Residents of Vasant Kunj gathered together at Vasant Vatika of sector-c, block-6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi to make The Green initiative – “Say no to single-use plastics” successful.

The event was organized by South Delhi MCD (Municipal Corporation Delhi) NAJAFGARH ZONE under the leadership of Mr. Bhupesh Choudhary, DC, Najafgarh Zone, along with RWA federation Vasant Kunj under the leadership of Mr. Bhanu Bishnoi, Citizen Forum Vasant Kunj under the leadership of Mr. Mohan Sethi and all RWAs along with Horticulture department, SDMC.

As it is the tradition of India to welcome guests who come to visit, so the program started with the welcome of Chief Guest Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri, Hon’ble MP South Delhi, Guest of honor Mr. Inderjeet Sehrawat, Leader SDMC Neta Sadan, Dr. Sonal Swarup, DC South Zone SDMC, Mr. Bhupesh Choudhary, DC, Najafgarh Zone, Mr. Bhanu Bishnoi, General Secretary of RWAs, Ms. Ruby Makhija, DEMS Director Mr. Yadav, DEMS SE Mr. Mehta, Mr. Manish and Mr. Khan, Assistant Commissioner zone Green Park and Najafgarh, Ms. Meenakshi Kumar- President Sector-B, block-7, Vasant Kunj. 

Mr. Bhupesh, DC, Najafgarh zone, inaugurated the event with a small speech motivating the residents for no use of plastic and to segregate waste to make compost out of it and follow the 3Rs principle in daily life i.e, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. He also praised RWAs and also told about the mobile collection system of E-waste from door to door after registering you on the SDMC website and people also get certificates regarding the same that their E-waste is minimized scientifically rather than being dumped to any landfill.

Nukkad Natak By Teachers Of Primary School on “Say No To Single-Use Of Plastics”

Actions speak more than words and the teachers are the one who enlightens our path with knowledge and art of living, moving forward in the event, a small drama (Nukkad Natak) was performed by teachers of different primary schools of SDMC giving the message “Say no to single-use plastics”. They portrayed plastic as a demon that cannot be destroyed or finished by burying, burning, dumping, or throwing in water bodies and it is taking lives of animals, humans, affecting agriculture, water, soil, and everything on earth. The only solution left is to avoid the use of plastic in our daily life and especially single-use plastic.

The plantation drive was organized by Mr. Meena, Director, DDA Horticulture Division, and was inaugurated by a ribbon-cutting by our chief guest Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri, Hon’ble MP South Delhi and he also distributed plants and cloth bags to residents in exchange for plastic waste. Many trees were planted in the area to make lusher green. 

There were many stalls including, get plant and compost in exchange for your E-waste or plastic by SDMC, Compost tutorial stall by Senior Consultant Mr. Pradeep Chadha and free health checkup camp for Diabetes and Naturopathy for residents of Vasant Kunj by Rotary club-Delhi South-East. Various stalls of home composting kits by WOW and Daily Dump were set up to spread awareness on managing waste and ensuring a healthy life. 

Chief Guest Mr. Ramesh Bidhuri, Hon’ble MP South Delhi motivated residents towards no use of plastic also told about several schemes on which government is working to help to reduce the waste and he also appealed resident to try reducing waste as much as possible so it helps to nature and government also.

Oath By the Guest of honor Mr. Indrajeet Sehrawat

The Green Initiative - "Say No to Single-Use Plastics" drive held in C-6, Vasant Vatika, Vasant Kunj,

Mr. Inderjeet Sehrawat, Leader SDMC Neta Sadan.

The Guest of honor Mr. Inderjeet Sehrawat, Leader SDMC Neta Sadan helped residents in taking the pledge for avoiding single-use plastic materials such as crockery, bags, bottles, etc., and also helps the government by reducing waste and keeping their surrounding environment clean. He praised RWAs for taking such great initiatives to make the environment clean and green and further appealed to residents to be aware and RWAs to carry on with such initiatives in the future.

Happiness on the faces of residents while returning home proved the success of the mission and how much residents were keenly interested in the event and were happy with new plants, compost, and the learning at the event. 

Order cloth bags and help someone in return:

Mr. Bhupesh Choudary, DC, SDMC Najafgarh Zone brings a piece of good news and says that SDMC Najafgarh Zone is working with Jamghat Self Help Group (SHG), which provides cloth bags as an alternative to the single-use plastic bags at the rate of Rs. 15 per cloth bag. These cloth bags are stitched by homeless women from waste and discarded cloth. Purchase of these cloth bags is going to help us in reducing the single-use plastic and on the other hand it also helps in employing more and more women.

Anyone interested can book their bulk on the website given below:


The event was live-streamed on Facebook by The VK Info and residents who not able to attend the event joined us there and there was positive feedback from all sides. If you were not able to attend the event or didn’t join us live, no worries you can still watch the full event with the link below:

Facebook Live Link –