Swasthya-Doot : An Initiative at Vasant Kunj to fight against Covid-19

During this ongoing Covid situation when our country is suffering from a shortage of hospitals, doctors, medical facilities and even the basic need of human life that is oxygen, at this time not only other countries are coming forward to help us but also administrations of different districts and even some local NGOs and authorities are also coming forward to provide aids to people and help the community.

  • Swasthya-Doot: An initiative by DM, New Delhi district

Swasthya-Doot is a unique initiative and community – based volunteer programme set up by the DM office, New Delhi district which address the problem of shortage of healthcare staff in our fight against coronavirus & training local residents of an area for health monitoring of Covid cases for better management and utilization of limited resources. Under this program SDM Dr. Nitin Shakya MBBS, MD (ANAESTHESIA AND CRITICAL CARE), planned informative and practical session to provide training to community volunteers, RWA’S regarding basic practices which are going to prove to be beneficial while dealing with Covid patients. All RWAs of Vasant Kunj were invited for the training and many participated.

  • Implementation of the Swasthya-Doot initiative at Vasant Kunj


Ms. Ameena Talwar (President Sector-B, pocket-5 & 6)

Ms. Ameena Talwar (President) Sector- B,pocket-5 & 6 also implied the Swasthya-Doot initiative as an emergency setup to fight against Covid and provide relief under this critical situation with the backup support from SDM Dr. Nitin Shakya MBBS, MD (ANAESTHESIA AND CRITICAL CARE) A community of volunteers especially those who recovered from Covid, as they are least vulnerable at this moment have been formed to work actively.

  • Covid facilities and equipment available in B-5&6 Vasant Kunj

As per the Swasthya-Doot initiative some medical equipment’s and facilities are arranged with their own funds which will be helpful to provide comfort and aid to the residents of B-5&6 Vasant Kunj. At present they have:-


  • Oximeters

  • Infrared thermometer guns

  • BP machines

  • Gloves

  • Sanitizers

  • Masks

  • Face shields

  • Oxygen cylinder and Concentrator from a resident for an emergency support

Oxygen masks and PPE kits are arranged by them. Basic medicines which can be used during an emergency like Medrol, Meftal-forte, Norfloxacin etc. are also available in stock. Residents are also taking active participation to support the Swasthya-Doot initiative by providing medicines and other equipment which are not of their use after recovery.

  • Benefits of implementing the Swasthya-Doot initiative

The implementation of the Swasthya-Doot initiative is proving to be helpful for the residents during emergency as first aid. It helped in past and is still helping people to cope up with this critical situation. An initiative (Swasthya-Doot) like this gave residents a sense of security in such time and boosting the morale making them hopeful. It also helps the residents who are in home isolation after consultation with doctors as they get the equipments easily. With the help and support of volunteers, the Swasthya-Doot initiative is proving to be a boon and lots of residents are getting treated and recovering.

As per Ms. Ameena Talwar (President B-5&6) the Swasthya-Doot initiative taken is helping a lot many residents. We all are sitting and hoping that this tough situation will also pass and once again we all will come out safe and once again everything will be as same as it was earlier. We hope all the Vasant Kunj Societies should take this initiative to help the residents during this pandemic by providing more strength and mental peace.

For More Information related to the Swasthya-Doot Initiative please visit  https://www.swasthyadoot.com/