Special Spot For Feeding Stray Dogs

Pic Credit - Evan Clark


An overdue situation between stray dog feeders and the residents of Vasant Kunj came to a conclusion by Delhi High Court. The issue has caused major conflict between the resident’s animal lovers and the Residents Welfare Associations (RWA) for many years.

The streets of Delhi are resided by stray animals and taking care of these stray animals and feeding them is a good deed. But while living in with a community and taking care of them one has to understand the issues it can create and accordingly should cautiously go about it.

What issues caused due to feeding street dogs?

Three animal lovers residing in Sector – E, Pocket – 2, are caretakers and feed of the street dogs roaming around the vicinity. They had filled a petition contending that they have been met with “enormous resistance” by the local residents when they try to feeding the dogs. Opposing the petitioners the RWA raised a point that feeding those stray dogs has caused a lot of alarming issues for the people. Many of them, including children, have been chased and bitten by the dogs.  Feeding the dogs in the streets has also added to filth as leaving food in the streets without any proper container is very unhygienic.

Previous law and action

The matter has been going on for a long time so and so that an order in the year 2009 was passed in Citizen for the Welfare which stated that the court gave out clear instructions to the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), in consultation with RWA to figure out a suitable site. It, however, appears that there has been no consensus in identifying the suitable spot. With no spot being identified the animal lovers are randomly choosing any site to feed the dogs.

In these challenging times, another circulation was circulated on 7th December 2019. The circulation basically reads out that the residents have very serious concerns towards the safety of the children and the elderly who reside in the area.

Renewed law and action

For not causing any unpleasant circumstances and to maintain harmony between the residents and the members of the RWA as also the Petitioners, a meet was set up in E – 2, Vasant Kunj by the order Delhi High Court by the members of AWBI. On 8th March 2021 at 3:00 pm, the two representatives were sent out to talk about the matter.

During the interaction, it was decided that to identify a particular spot which not used by children, senior citizens, and other residents, so that the said specified spot can be used for the purpose of feeding and taking care of street dogs, etc. No hindrance is to be caused to the Petitioners in carrying out any activities in respect of the street dogs at the said spot.

The SHO of the concerned area was also invited to attend the meeting between the RWA, Petitioners, and AWBI members. The SHO was responsible for preserving peace and harmony among the inhabitants of the region so that the Petitioners were not abused by RWA and vice versa.

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