Scrappage Policy 2021?

scrappage policy 2021
Would Vasant Kunj’s parking concerns be resolved by the Scrappage Policy 2021?

“The wait for the sweet parking spot will give you an existential crisis making you question your every decision.”

Vasant Kunj, one of the most strong revenue-collection pillars in South Delhi, is short on parking spaces. The parking situation in Vasant Kunj has always been a major concern for years now.

Scrappage policy 2021 – Parking Concern Increase in the number of vehicles:

In each sector, a single family owns several sets of cars, some of which are old and scrappy that obstructs parking for others. With no other choices, some people are forced to take a chance and park their cars in public spaces. The roads are already narrow, so having lines of parked cars on both sides creates a lot of problems.

Parking a car for every individual in Vasant Kunj is like a race. Limited space and huge number cars, so whoever parks their vehicle first gets a big relief. After 9 p.m. getting any space is a matter of luck.

Parking Pursuit:

In such crisis people tend to carpool with their family members and friends or just book a cab instead. It is much preferable to driving all night in search of a suitable parking spot for them.

Often, simply parking a car in the appropriate location isn’t enough to solve a problem. Even if a resident is able to park his or her car, there is a good chance that somebody else will park in front, making driving the car difficult.

Lack Of Parking Space and fighting:

DDA had provided a scooter garage with each flat when the colony was built, which was more than three decades ago. Residents say that parking spaces was available even a few years ago, and that most houses only had one vehicle. Then, residents would mark out a particular space for their vehicle, but now only the early birds get parking slots.The struggle for a parking spot leads to fights and negative emotions between neighbours.

Beside from the sheer number of cars in the colony, the presence of numerous establishments such as reputable schools and market places exacerbates the situation.Visitors to these establishments often park their cars in and around the neighbourhood, worsening an already severe parking crisis in which certain locals park their cars on the streets.

Residents of Vasant Kunj prefer to park on the sides of the road or in areas where parking is prohibited. The Masoodpur Market, for example, is extremely narrow and claustrophobic. It is simply impossible to park a vehicle on that busy road and in that location. Vasant Square Mall has constructed a parking space inside the mall that is free of charge, but people will not use it and will park outside on the streets, causing havoc for themselves and for others.

Scrappage Solution – Scrap Old Vehicles:

When a society has a large number of vehicles, it not only causes parking issues, but also traffic congestion, noise and air pollution, and, on rare occasions, accidents.Cars those are older than 15 years are usually in poor condition and are unsafe to drive on public roads. At the same time, these cars use outdated technologies, which mean they put protection on the back burner. Last but not least, older cars use more petrol, resulting in emissions.

Such cars are deemed worthless by the government and must be scrapped. A ‘Green Tax’ will be imposed on cars that remain on the road for more than fifteen years to de-incentivise their use for being a greater contributor to pollution.

Additionally, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, has declared that buyers will get a 5% rebate on their subsequent new car purchase if they scrap their old vehicle. The rebate sum will be determined by the cost of the new vehicle and given by the manufacturer at the time of purchase.

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