Covid 19 Vaccination avenues at RWA

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One of the most challenging things to fight against Coronavirus is medication and the production of vaccines against the virus. Now, when the vaccine is  available in our country there are certain rules to be followed by citizens in order to get vaccinated, everyone has to take a dose of vaccine and that too following the Covid guidelines by the Government of India and it requires a proper arrangement and timing also.

As per the guidelines of The Union Health Ministry for National Covid Vaccination Program, there are four options given to citizens which says that only differently-abled persons and elderly are allowed to get vaccinated and that too at some particular camps and vaccination centers which have a permit for vaccination. The camps are held at Government Covid Vaccination centers, Private hospital Covid Vaccination centers, at the workplace or near to home vaccination centers, for elderly and differently-abled persons including schools/colleges, community centers, old age homes, RWA Offices etc.

Apart from this, there are no other avenues that are allotted for Covid Vaccination. This leads to a huge crowd at these centers and there is a lot of hustle and bustle.

Vaccination drive avenues at RWAs for 18+ and above

Mr. Bhanu Bishnoi, Secretary General Federation of RWAs Vasant Kunj, and various other RWAs has written an application to the Governor of Delhi, thanking for the eminent steps taken for the Covid Vaccination drive and also seeking permission to be allowed for making vaccination avenues at RWAs itself and maybe this step of RWAs will be helpful to both the Government and citizens of the country. He also said when we go for taking a Vaccine slot, it is not available lots of times but if the drive is divided to RWAs and local level it may divide the labor and efforts also.

Everyone want to get vaccinated but there are certain obstacles and fears which resist everyone to step out of their homes and one of them is the crowd at vaccination centers. RWAs and their residents will not have any issue getting paid vaccination and even if required they may support the drive to make it successful.

Role of RWA in the Vaccination drive 

Mr.Bhanu Bishnoi highlights the following facts and suggestions regarding Covid vaccination:

  • If permitted for vaccination drives at RWAs residents can pay for vaccination facility and even doorstep vaccination concept can also be followed and it will help in avoiding the crowd and also it will be helpful to those who can’t visit the camp physically due to health or other issues.
  • RWA can sponsor paid vaccination for their staff- guards, helpers, drivers, garbage collectors, etc. so that they don’t have to queue up at other vaccination centers.
  • Space for camps, supporting staff and volunteers, vaccine storage facility, and other requirements can also be provided and funds for emergency, fully equipped ambulance to take care of any adverse reaction and also to keep a check on post-vaccination facilities.
  • Vaccination Camps can be stretched to more than one day in order to avoid hustle in the camp and held at different spots depending on the population of an RWA.
  • They will look after the number of vials provided by the government to avoid misuse of the vaccine.
  • RWAs can make the list of 18 years+ (age) beneficiaries with details through Google forms and by other methods. Pre-booking/ pre-registrations may be done with the help of RWAs to estimate the number of residents in order to reduce paperwork during vaccination drive.
  • Nearby clinics/ nursing homes can be used for vaccination camps.
  • If required, doctors and nurses appointed by the government can be paid.

If RWAs and locals will be allowed for the Covid vaccination drive the eminent steps of the government to vaccinate each and every citizen in a short period of time before the third wave emerges in our country will be helpful to get completed successfully.

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