Plastic Vikalp Mela - An Initiative by Delhi Government

“Plastic Hatao, Dharti Bacho”
“ Kadam Kadam Se Plastic Hataye Ja, Dharti Ko Swarg Banaye Ja”

Many such catchy slogans have been written, floated and promoted in the past few years across Delhi but an overwhelming majority of Delhiites have turned a deaf ear to it. How many of us are being responsible citizens and putting efforts towards this one practice?

Every time we go to a vendor we say, “Bhaiya ji is bar plastic bag dedo next time paka cloth bag lekar aayage”. Instances such as this one abound:

It is time for all of us to take an oath and ‘Say NO to Single Use Plastic’. It is imperative to make this mission a success, not for the sake of the government but for the sake of Mother Earth and our brethren. 

Plastic Vikalp Mela in Thyagraj  Stadium – The Delhi government launched an awareness drive for the ban of single use plastic items in Delhi starting from 1st July 2022. A mega fair (Plastic Vikalp Mela) was organised for 3 days from 1st July to 3rd July 2022 at Thyagraj  stadium. Various participants displayed their products on a single platform. Some single use alternatives like cloth bags, pottery, paper and jute bags, crockery made from biodegradable items were displayed.

Items made from recycled plastic like trays, vases, photo frames, home décor, benches, dustbins, floor tiles and many more innovative and unimaginable items developed by some really smart minds, useful for both commercial as well as domestic use were there for everyone to see.  Many companies, entrepreneurs, start ups, small home enterprises and even students have joined hands with the government to accomplish this mission.

Alternatives of Plastics

Econscious: A startup company that collects plastic waste and converts this waste into eco boards to make various items for corporate gifting, home decor, plastic benches, dustbins slides & many more interesting items for parks. They also want to collaborate with RWA‘s for the same.

For Information related to Products contact – 


Website –

Ecolution: Run by students from Amity  and they use of newspaper and dry leaves as the base material to make tea cups.

For more information related to products and query 

Instagram – Ecolution

Ecolastic: Startup that uses corn starch as the base material to make garbage bags, straws, cutlery and products according to the customer interest. These products are dissolvable in water and thus disposing them solves the problem of pollution.

For more information related to products and query 

Website –

Instagram – Ecolastic

Shakti Plastic Industries: Another enterprise that collects multi layered plastic wrappers and recycle them into floor tiles which are water and fire proof and anti skid. At present they have 6 plants all over India.

For more information related to products and query 

Website –

Instagram – The Shakti Plastic 

This was a fantastic avenue for all of us to see the options available and the efforts being put towards this endeavor by different people and organizations. In this drive to stop the usage of single use plastic, teams from Delhi pollution control committee and civic bodies will keep a close check on availability of the same at various places. Strict action including closure of units will be taken against manufactures, distributors and suppliers will also be taken. Violators could face a fine or jail of depending on the nature of the offence.

“Plastic Hai Dheema Zehar, Jo Prithvi Ko Dheeme Dheeme Maar Raha Hai”

Damage caused by plastic bags are often ignored and overlooked because we don’t pay any attention to the long term impact of these small, cheap, easy to carry monsters used by us daily. We need to come together, embed in our thought and practice and educate those around us to stop the usage of single use plastic. Each and everyone of us has a role to play and we are all crucial to make this work. Let us give generations to come, things to cheer about and not cause for complaint. Lets bestow upon them, a healthy, happy and clean Mother Earth.


Article – Pooja Singh (Resident B-5&6, Vasant Kunj)

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Richard Hughe
06/07/2022 at 9:34 PM

Well written.. hope this message reaches the masses and together we all do our bit 👍🏻

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