Plastic champions At Vasant Kunj Sector-D 6, Santushti Apartment

Santushti Apartment

A beautiful morning at D-6 Santushti Apartment Vasant Kunj when residents gathered for a good cause for nature accepting the plastic-free July challenge. It was nice to see the glooming and booming faces of children who are concerned about the environment and nature to attend the event organized by Santusthi Apartments, Vasant Kunj.

RWA D-6, Santushti Apartment Vasant Kunj along with Pragyata NGO organized an event on “Plastic Free July” on 17th July 2021, Saturday from 8:30 am in Community Hall with SDMC, SSIL, and ITC WOW. The target audiences of the event were blooming children which are the future of our country and the world and the ladies of Vasant Kunj as no one better knows how to reuse the waste materials than ladies.

About the event

The event started around 8:30 am welcoming the honorable guests and residents of Vasant Kunj. It was our honor to welcome our guest honors– Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri, MP South Zone, Ms. Sonal Swarooop, DC, SDMC, South Zone, Sh. Inderjeet Sehrawat, Neta Sadan /Chairman DEMS, Sh. Jagmohan Mehlawat, Pradesh Adhyaksha, Mehrauli provided guidance and gave us knowledge about waste management. 

Exciting events of the day:

  • The event started with a drawing competition of the children in which more than 20 children of different age groups participated children on the topic “Waste segregation and Say not to Single-Use Plastic”.Reduce: Children were asked to bring old single-use plastic waste and they get an appreciation for their effort.
  • Reuse: It was awesome to see children and residents care to reduce the plastic waste by reusing they come up with interesting ideas to make the best out of the plastic waste and other waste material such as water dispensers, pen/pencil stands, planters out of old bottles and other decorative materials for the home. This shows how curious children are and their awareness of waste management.
  • Children and residents also shared their experience and what efforts they are making to reduce the single-use plastic at their homes such as segregating the waste, using cloth bags, avoiding packed food and other items such as crockery, bags, etc. 
  • WOW (Wellbeing out Waste) also gave a demo on how people can use the kitchen waste to make compost at their place in 60 days without much effort.
  • Children and Residents contributed their part to make the event successful.

Words that motivated us:

It was our privilege to have such eminent guests with us in our program who provided us knowledge about waste management and skills to improve waste management. 

Ms. Sonal Swarooop, DC, SDMC, South Zone investigated the drawing competition and asked questions to children to make the event interactive. She said that Reuse or recycle are now becoming the second option, the first option for waste especially single-use plastic should be reducing the plastic waste. This will also help us to get rid of diseases and how different products are made after recycling the plastic such as brick, roads, etc. and it will help us in helping the environment and nature.

Sh. Inderjeet Sehrawat, Neta Sadan /Chairman DEMS said that it is very nice to see the children thinking much about nature and also appreciated residents and RWA for such great efforts. He also encouraged residents to be aware of the harmful effects of waste and plastic and to cooperate with the government in waste management. 

Sh. Jagmohan Mehlawat, Pradesh Adhyaksha, Mehrauli encouraged residents and make them aware of waste management. He also said that every citizen should have a feeling of owning the country to his/her own as he/she thinks about his own house than only we will be able to be ahead of other nations in waste management. Residents should try to keep their place clean not by throwing the waste at other places but by reducing the waste to its minimum. He also gave examples from the past of how people lived sustainable life. He also suggested that children should come forward to work on waste management by organizing several competitions and drives.

Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri, MP South Zone, encouraged people to work towards waste management. He also said that educated society and citizens of the country should be educated and create awareness towards the hazardous impacts of single-use plastic so as to reduce its use and also work towards lessening the production of single-use plastic or either plastic.

Appreciation for participants:

  1. All the children who collected single-use plastic from their 
  • Every attendee was provided with a cloth bag to promote the use of cloth bags rather than plastic bags.
  • The crockery used for refreshment in the event was made up of wood to encourage people to avoid the use of plastic crockery.

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