Is Lockdown 2.0 on its way?

Night Curfew in Delhi lockdown
Is Lockdown 2.0 on its way?

In response to the rising number of COVID – 19 cases in Delhi, the state government issued an alert and enforced a night curfew on April 6, 2021. Curfew hours are from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., and the order is in effect until April 30th.

Who all are exempted?

Pregnant women, patients, those travelling to and from airports, train stations, and state bus terminals on the basis of tickets, officials employed in diplomatic offices, and those holding any constitutional post on the basis of a valid identification card are excluded from the curfew.Central and Delhi government officials involved in emergency services, officials from other essential services and medical personals are also in the list of exemption.

However, it is essential for  people to get an e-pass for unrestricted movement. This includes people working in shops that deal with essential items, media, telecommunication and internet service, banking service, people those working in fuel stations, etc. The Government of Delhi is issuing e-passes through a Web portal, and the e-pass is mandatory while travelling during restricted hours only. 

The Do’s and Don’ts:

As a state-imposed night curfew, the following applies to all citizens of the national capital. Each sector of Vasant Kunj currently has active corona case. As a result, with the advent of the second wave of  COVID – 19 protocols must be maintained.

The residents are strictly advised to not to set out of the house after 10 p.m. People who went out for a walk late at night are asked to refrain for a few days. Proper care must be taken for the young and elderly of the house. Any plans made for these few days by the residents of  Delhi must be cancelled or postponed. People should also make it a point that before the curfew hours, homes must be supplied with provisions, and food and other needs must be purchased beforehand. The deadline to close local shops, supermarkets, and even malls in Vasant Kunj vicinity is 9 p.m. Streets should be left deserted after an hour.

Wearing masks in an absolute necessary:

With the start of the year, the number of social gatherings has increased tremendously. In addition, people have been seen wandering around without masks or failing to properly sanitise themselves. All must acknowledge the importance of masking and sanitising. When going outside, even after taking proper medications and home remedies or being vaccinated, one must wear a mask.

The following night curfew has a higher chance of turning into a proper lockdown with the increase in the number of active cases.On Monday, Delhi reported 3548 new COVID – 19 cases and 15 deaths. Currently, there are 14,589 active COVID cases in Delhi, with 96,982 new cases in India. Sure, these are difficult times, but prevention is still better than cure.

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