MCD Election Ward – 156 Vasant Kunj

Will Vasant Kunj get the right councilor ?


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We are standing at the threshold of electing our representatives in the MCD, a civil body responsible for a wide array of matters concerning everything from sanitation to health care facilities. This MCD is one of the largest civic bodies in world. While the voter turnout from areas such as Rajokri have been massive, the numbers from the urban sector have been dismal. It is pertinent to remember that a simple vote carries immense power to alter our everyday. We complain of water logging with every rain, surprising potholes that hit us from nowhere, and the odous that assault our nostrils during a morning walk. There is a need to realize that all this can change if we exert our fundamental right to go out and vote. It might seem an inconvenience marring sleep on a lazy Sunday but without voting we also relinquish our right to complain. Before every election parties knock on door with a long list of promises that are forgotten sooner than ever. So far the game has been governed by the big players — names we all know. We work with the misconception that educated, good people cannot make it to the cadre of this competition because politics is dirty business. Yet, when an independent candidate stands up, we say that they can’t win without support and if they do, they won’t be able to deliver. We forget that accountability will come when we choose candidates that are approachable, educated, and closer to home. We are reponsible for cleaning up the dirt if we focus on candidature rather than affiliation. People in power were also at some time nobodies and will be shaken out of complacency if the people vote otherwise. We urge every one to come out and vote on sound judgement, for whoever it might be, to show the strength of democracy.

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