Isolation Center In Vasant Kunj

Isolation Centre in Ganga RWA Vasant Kunj
  • RWA of Vasant Kunj taking the initiative to help out the havoc COVID-19 scenarios.

With the number of active Corona Cases increasing on a daily basis, hospitals and care facilities are running out of beds and oxygen supplies for patients. In these trying times, residents of Vasant Kunj have banded together to set up an isolation centre complete with beds and oxygen cylinders. The RWA of Ganga Society established the COVID Isolation and Quarantine Centre, the services are also available to three other Vasant Kunj societies: Yamuna, Narmada, and Saraswati.

The centre was created for people who are suffering from COVID symptoms as well as those who are suffering from low oxygen levels. The centre was established in response to the growing number of cases and hospitals’ inability to admit patients due to a lack of facilities.

  • Facilities provided in the Isolation Centre:

The COVID Centre as of now has three beds and the necessary oxygen cylinders. The count of beds can increase from three to five very soon. However, other amenities such as a washroom, hot and cold water, internet, and television are also available in the room. People will be able to get oxygen here until they can be admitted to the hospital, which will be when beds become available.

The isolation centre exists to isolate infected patients and provide them with adequate oxygen levels, not to provide full treatment. Patients must obtain all introductions from their treating physician online, which will be coordinated solely by the patient’s family members. Given the fact there were no qualified people at the centres, the RWA of Ganga society has ensured that all residential security guards are trained on how to change the oxygen cylinders and send those for refills when emptied.

  • Words from the Ideator


The idea arose from personal observations of Delhi’s deteriorating health infrastructure, according to Mr N.S Mor (RWA Ganga, Vasant Kunj) the isolation centre‚Äôs goal was to reduce the risk of other people becoming infected. This is a positive start, and other RWAs in Vasant Kunj should consider and implement similar services for infected and uninfected residents. Every RWA in Vasant Kunj should collaborate to help and guide one another