Ignite the power of YOGA against Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak insisted human to think about how modern lifestyle is affecting nature as well as life. People are trying to follow the ancient lifestyle along with living in modern society. To sustain this pandemic and boost immunity at home many allopathic and ayurvedic prescriptions are given by doctors and world-famous medical institutions but, Yoga is one of the practices which have shown positive results in immunizing the human body.


Sivananda Yoga center

Dr Pooran Chand, (BEMS, NDDY, TTC), Director of Sivananda Yoga center, Vasant Kunj says that yoga not only works on a single function such as pain or immunity but it also helps the whole body to rejuvenate and works on the whole function. He adds that yoga helps people to know their limitations and helps them to practice more devoting wholeheartedly, which in turn starts nourishing each & every cell, tissue and even smallest particle of the body which helps the body to recover naturally. It shows that the ancient lifestyle helps to rejuvenate naturally.

Benefits of Yog in our daily life

We reside in a country where yoga is practiced for ages that don’t have a particular time or era moreover practicing it in daily life doesn’t require any stunt skills as it is easy to practice. People practicing yoga in daily life come up with countless benefits including mental, emotional, and physical. It has many forms and can be divided into Asanas and Pranayama. Each pranayama has its own benefits.

Yoga helps people to:

  • Bring peace to our mind & soul
  • Strengthen immunity of our body
  • It maintains emotional stability
  • Improves concentration 
  • Gives flexibility to the body and improves body posture

It proves beneficial to life and proves to be worth it on the quote “Health is not everything, but without health, wealth is also nothing.” 

Yog for Everyone

During this covid outbreak people are stressed out mentally, physically, and emotionally and trying their best to confront with the situation. Work from home has changed people’s daily routine by increasing the stress level and anxiety of people which in turn affects mental health. Practicing Yoga gives positive results in improving the body’s immune system by lowering the stress hormone (cortisol) increase body awareness, reduce inflammation, reduce insomnia (Sleeplessness), sharpens attention and concentration, and calms the nervous system. It relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder). The Lymphatic system is also stimulated, which in turn helps the body to remove toxins.

At present we are facing a shortage of hospital beds, medicines, medical staff, and even there is a scarcity of oxygen, which is a basic requirement of human life. Yog acts as a natural oxygen level booster by helping in the distribution of an equal amount of oxygen in the blood.

Matsyasana / Fish pose proves to be beneficial in boosting the oxygen level naturally.

Here are few Asanas one should practice in daily life to boost immunity: –

  • Shalabhasana
  • Anjaneyasana
  • Bakasana
  • Tadasana

 For more information visit – https://www.ayush.gov.in/