Will Holi Celebration in Vasant Kunj be any different this year?

Holi – The ‘Festival Of Colours’ is one of India’s most significant cultural and religious celebrations, encompassing much more than just tossing colored dye into the air. The Festival is a springtime celebration that also serves as a new beginning for people who want to let go of their inhibitions and start a new one.


How & Why We Celebrate Holi?

Holika Dahan, which occurs the night before Holi, involves people performing rituals in front of a bonfire, praying for their inner evil to be destroyed, just as Holika (demoness in Hindu Vedic scriptures) was killed by fire. The carnival of colors begins the next morning. In a religious framework, the colors are full of symbolism and have a variety of interpretations: they may signify a bright new life or even sin in certain ways. Washing off the dye at the end of the day represents a renewed dedication to living well, as well as a cleansing of evils and demons.

Holi Celebration In Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj is a place that is divided into several sectors, each of which has its own pockets. Therefore Holi celebration takes place in every individual pocket, with people of all ages coming together to celebrate the culture. The Holika Dahan is lit the night before, and the tossing of colors, dancing to rhythmic music, and feasting on delicious food begins the very next day.

There are local shops in Vasant Kunj near every locality from where one buys the products and best hampers for the celebration. The urban village of Masoodpur located near Vasant Kunj, on the hills of Aravali, lays a hugely popular market known as Masoodpur market beside D- 6. In that market, one can buy any festival from Holi to Diwali products as required. 

Aside from the various sector celebrations, the people of Harijan Basti, which is located near B- 9, Vasant Kunj, light the Holika Dahan every year without fail. The woods and stems are gathered right around the corner at the road behind G.D. Goenka Public School, B- 8 and B- 9.

Holi Celebration in Delhi

The festival in Delhi is indeed a big deal, and it always starts with a TILAK. A Tilak is a traditional color mark drawn on the forehead of a person. Before starting Holi, people exchange garlands and sweets to greet one another. Delhiites celebrate the holy with a never-ending barrage of songs. Delhi is thought to have a musical Holi with a jovial atmosphere.

In Delhi, Holi is either celebrated in grand places or within the sectors of various regions. In any case, people come together to celebrate the festival & to play with colors and water.

Holi Celebration in 2021 

With the second wave of coronavirus cases on a rise, the center has urged the state government to keep celebrations under control. One is instructed to play within small parameters while maintaining extreme caution. Not to participate in wet Holi, this involves water splashing. Sanitizing oneself and not stretching the celebration for long hours. The public police team was assigned to all of the celebration sites to ensure that such procedures are observed and upheld.