family health and wellness centre

Family Health and Wellness Centre at Vasant Kunj C-8

A healthy mind in a healthy body is necessary to live a happy life. Along with food habits, lifestyle, and exercising daily a doctor also plays an important role in keeping us healthy and happy. A doctor can be renamed as a god who is present on the earth to save the lives of people during harsh conditions.

Covid-19 shook everyone with its impact on mankind. When everyone was struggling to save lives while sitting at home and the world undergoes a full stop and everything was closed for a certain period of time the only people who were working for mankind were frontline workers, Doctors, and the whole health department of the world. People were not allowed to move out of the house at that time Doctors and other health workers were working and saving people from Corona Virus, Risking their lives, and living away from their families for months. Not only this several doctors and health workers lost their lives while working for mankind.

When all the OPDs & health clinics were closed it became difficult for people to find a doctor nearby and if they find it, it was highly paid and it became a problem for those with low wages or no wages. So, to come up with these problems of finding a doctor or paying high fees several communities and people came ahead with some good initiatives to help mankind.

Family Health and Wellness Center at Vasant Kunj C-8:

It is important to have a doctor or a health clinic nearby your house, realizing the importance of this thing, RWA Sector-C, Pocket-8 under the leadership of Ms. Bindu Chaddha, President, and Mr. Rajesh Soni, Treasurer brought an initiative to provide health facilities to residents and workers at Sector-C, Pocket-8. The Family Health and Wellness Center initiative at Vasant Kunj is a nice and commendable initiative that is helping residents and other people working at Vasant Kunj.

What is the Purpose of the commendable initiative:

According to Mr. Rajesh Soni, Treasurer of RWA C-8, the health of their residents and other people who help them in daily chores at Vasant Kunj is very important, as a healthy society is always represented by healthy residents. So this initiative was brought to provide General Health Consultation and Medication to residents and other workers nearby their homes for healthy living at a minimal cost.

He also said that the facilities are provided according to their wages and financial stability without any extra charge or any other kind of charge. They are providing this facility to residents, helpers, maids, drivers, and other workers who are working at RWA C-8.

Charges per visit:

  • For maids, drivers, and other workers: Rs. 10/-
  • For Senior citizens: Rs. 50/-
  • For Residents of C-8: Rs. 100/-
  • For other sector residents: Rs. 300/-

Planning to extend the initiative in the future:

Till now this facility is only for residents and others from RWA C-8 but in the future, this is going to be extended and residents from other sectors will be allowed to get the benefit from this initiative and will be providing health care to everyone in Vasant Kunj. In the future, the initiative will be taken further and the services will also be extended such as health checkup camps, eyes checkup camps and providing medicines, etc.

For emergencies during COVID, they are ready to provide medical consultation to residents and if required, other actions will also be taken in the future for health care of the residents of Vasant Kunj such as COVID Testing and providing general medicines.

The main aim of this initiative is to provide health care facilities and consultation from an expert doctor in case of an emergency. This center has provided health consultation to many and it aims to reach more and more residents in the future in order to help more and more people staying away from diseases and to prevent them from moving here and there in search of medical consultation and also help those who are helping us in our daily chores because helping hands also need help and they will be getting medical consultation at minimum cost.

An inspirational step:

This initiative is an inspirational step towards mankind which helps both rich and poor to get medical facilities in case of emergency at minimal cost and it does not affect the pocket of the middle class. It will also inspire other societies to come up with such great initiatives to help people find a doctor for general medical consultation nearby them as it saves money and saves time for people in this busy schedule of life.

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