Doctors day 2021 - To pay gratitude to the superheroes

God cannot be there to save everyone at any time so he made the superheroes called ‘doctors’.  To save and serve the citizens of the nation doctors are always ready. Medicines can cure the disease but only doctors can save patients.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) celebrates 1st July every year as National Doctors Day since 1991. Every country celebrates Doctors Day on different dates and months. Doctors’ day is celebrated in memory of noted doctor and former chief minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy as his birth and death anniversary falls on the same day. He played an important role in the establishment of the Medical Council of India and the Indian Medical Association. The day is celebrated to pay gratitude to doctors, nurses, and frontline workers who work day and night to save the lives of people without any discrimination.

During this pandemic Covid-19 when the virus attacked the world vigorously it became very hard for every country to survive the pandemic. Everyone was requested to live at home to prevent getting infected by the virus. At this time when everything stopped even the Indian Railways which didn’t stop since it began, the only persons and buildings were doctors, nurses, ward boys, and other frontline medical workers and the medical care centers and hospitals working who even didn’t see their families for months and not only this some of them also lost their lives. These superheroes worked restlessly for months to save people across the world from this virus.

The theme for Doctors Day 2021

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During the waves of Covid and working restlessly for mankind many doctors and healthcare workers got infected by the virus and lost their lives. They are the heroes who didn’t wear the caps. The theme for Doctors Day 2021 is ‘Save The Saviours ‘. While saving the world from viruses doctors are packed in PPE kits, treating the Covid and Non-Covid patients, dealing people for online consultations, keeping updates of everyday developments in the field of Covid-19 research, and also managing with few medical supplies and staff the pandemic hit hard to doctors also.

Our country lost approximately 1500 doctors during the first and second waves of this pandemic. To save and ensure the safety of these superheroes to combat the loss of our country it is necessary to save the doctors and they must take care of themselves along with their patients.  They are recommended to take breaks and relax and try doing meditation while feeling stressed and exhausted. This helps us in saving our superheroes as they are saving patients.

Doctors Day 2021 Celebration across the nation

To pay tribute to all the hard works of the doctors India is celebrating National Doctors Day 2021 across the nation. To pay their gratitude different organizations, people and NGOs conduct several programs which include blood donation camps, Health Checkup camps, workshops, etc. Several conferences are also conducted. During this Covid time, online webinars are conducted on topics regarding health issues and their cures and also to raise awareness about the roles and importance of doctors and promote the medical profession.

Covid pandemic made us realize the importance of Doctors, Nurses, and the medical profession to say thanks to that entire doctors do for the welfare of society we celebrate National Doctors Day. We should respect doctors and other medical professionals for the hard work and efforts they make to keep us healthy. They serve mankind even while losing their life. They treat their patients forgetting the boundaries of caste, color, and any discrimination and it makes them the real-life hero.

Doctors behave like a friend while treating a person in the ward, so be kind and give respect to these friends in the face of Doctors.