District Collector Visited C-8 Vasant Kunj RWA

District Collector Visited C-8 Vasant Kunj RWA

C-8 Vasant Kunj RWA, held a meeting with Mr. Bhupesh Chaudhary DC, SDMC, Najafgarh Zone on 13th August 2021 at the community center. The meeting was held to solve and discuss the various problems in C-8 Vasant Kunj . 

Mr. Bhupesh Chaudhary, DC (District Collector), (SDMC, Najafgarh Zone) along with his Team AC, SO, AE, JE, SI visited RWA C-8 Vasant Kunj and met with RWA Board Members. In the meeting, RWA Members discussed the various problems faced by them and Residents of C-8 Vasant Kunj in their daily basis and suggest various solutions for the issues.

Problems faced by C-8 RWA.

  1. Dhalaos at gate no. 15
  2. 3 structure outside gate no. 8, 12, 13
  3. Horticulture (Pruning)
  4. RMC
  5. Street lights
  6. GT Covers
  7. Drain Cleaning

District Collector, Najafgarh Zone assured the RWA Board Members that the timely solution will be given and a detailed study will be done regarding Dhalaos at gate no. 15. The DC & His Team also understood the problems faced by the residents and promised a quick solution. The Team Members also suggested an ask the board members to guide the residents about the waste management and waste segregation.

RWA Board Members thank Mr. Bhupesh Chaudhary and his team for visiting and hearing our grievance. RWA also assured that the suggestions and advice given by the SDMC Team Mr. Bhupesh Chaudhary will be followed and implementing soon.

 Mr. Bhupesh Choudhary DC also suggested to the RWA to remove the old scrapped vehicles as they create parking problem and becomes breeding points for mosquitoes. Scrappage Policy – Parking Benefits for Vasant Kunj.