Awareness Drive for Single-Use Plastic at Vasant Kunj

Awareness drive for single-use plastic at vasant kunj

Plastic came to our life as a boon as it was easy to carry anything including liquid in it but with population growth, the use of plastic also increased. Nowadays single-use plastic is used which cannot be reused and has to be thrown after using once. These single-use plastics include bags, cups, bottles, plates, and other crockery items. They are dumped as landfills which in future affect the agricultural fields, thrown on roads or sometimes they also block the drainage system, which shows that it can neither be dumped nor be destroyed by burning or throwing in seas and oceans. The only solution left for this is to reduce or avoid using single-use plastics.

We all feel bad when we see a stray dog or a cow eating food along with the polybag or when we see heap garbage nearby our location or anywhere.

But will this feel bad only works? No, it will never, we all have to come ahead and work toward it to reduce the garbage production because we humans are the only one who generates the waste.  

Awareness Drive for Single-Use Plastic 

Keeping in mind the harmful effects of single-use plastic to both humans and animals and being responsible, the Federation of RWA of  Vasant Kunj started a campaign to make people aware of the harmful effects of single-use plastic. The Federation of RWA of Vasant Kunj along with members of RWA and SDMC South Zone in support of Councilor Mr. Manoj Mehlawat started the initiative in various markets of Vasant Kunj on 24th26th August 2021. The teams divide them and visited different areas to carry on the awareness drive.

Areas covered:

• Sector-A, Pocket-B&C, Sector-D, Pocket-1 & 2/CSC

• Sector-B-4, B-5 & 6, B-7, B-8, B-9, B-10, and Anchal Plaza.

• Sector- B1 LSC, B-1 main road, C-1 LSC, D-6 Santusthi LSC, D- 3&4 LSC.

Timing: 11:00 AM onwards.

Activities during the campaign:

  1. Creating awareness for single-use plastic and its harmful effects.
  2. Making shopkeepers aware of the government directives regarding “no to plastic and utilize the reusable cloth bags and also suggested asking customers to bring cloth bags for carrying the products.
  3. Checking markets if anything is present regarding mosquito breeding of dengue larvae by the health team.
  4. SDMC collected all the single-use plastic waste found in dustbins of shops or any at the roadside.

Awareness Drive for single use plastic at vasant kunj

Special Thanks

Federation of RWA of Vasant Kunj Chairman Mr. Rajesh Panwar & Secretary-General Ms. Ameena Talwar is highly thankful for the support of

• DC, SDMC South Zone Dr. Sonal Swaroop,

• AC Manish Meena MCD, SDMC,

• RWA MembersMr. Ravi Bhardwaj, Ms. Renu Pal, Mr. Neeraj Singhal, Mr. Vinod Pant, Ms. Manju Swaminathan, Ms. Shivani Tagore, Ms. Preeti Vohra, Ms. Shalini Kapoor, Mr. SC Khanna, Mr. Rajesh Sehgal, Mr. Bharat Aggarwal, Prateek Pathak (Joint Treasurer Federation), Amit Aggarwal, Shilpa Bugnait, Dr. Sheetal Dhawan, Mr. Dang, Ms. Vandana Uniyal (RWA Sec- A) & Praveen Rao,

• SDMC Health Inspector Mr. Shiv Kumar,

• Sanitation Inspector – Mr. Sunil, Mr. Sushil Kumar,

• Sanitation team – ASI Mr. Ajay, Mr. Anil, Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Rajkumar, Mr. Surinder, MI, SSIL Mr. Rahul, ITC WOW Mr. Javed, health team, and all those present in the awareness drive for their active participation in the campaign and sharing their concern of SUPs.

The response of the shopkeepers towards the campaign was overwhelming that they all agreed to terms and conditions and also assured that they will follow the directives of the Government towards “No To Single-Use Plastic”.

Being responsible citizens of India we all should join hands and come together to reduce plastic waste not only to save the earth but also to save humans and other living beings present on the earth.

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